• Alisa helped us out significantly. We have two dogs, each with their own needs and challenges. Alisa worked... read more

    KYLE D. Avatar
    KYLE D.

    We loved working with Alisa and really appreciated her guidance, professionalism and expertise with our new boxer pup. She has... read more

    Naomi C. Avatar
    Naomi C.

    I am so thankful for Alisa's training-she has been such a joy to work with! Alisa is very responsive about... read more

    Noelle O. Avatar
    Noelle O.

    Alisa at You Silly Dog was a tremendous help with training my 6 month old rescue puppy. My pup really... read more

    Sarah D. Avatar
    Sarah D.

    Alisa is wonderful! Excellent human guide and dog trainer.

    Cooper has done so well under the techniques she’s shared with...
    read more

    Rebecca R. Avatar
    Rebecca R.

    Alisa at You Silly Dog is fabulous! We have a 1-1/2 year old "still puppy" named Cody. Overall,... read more

    Bob C. Avatar
    Bob C.
  • Alisa is super talented and professional. Both of our dogs responded really well to her and the handouts she provided... read more

    Gulielma F. Avatar
    Gulielma F.

    I’m so grateful for Alisa and highly recommend training with her. I rescued a 2 yr old pitbull mix who... read more

    Cait A. Avatar
    Cait A.

    Alisa is gentle yet firm with the training. Patient and a good teacher to the "parents" . I... read more

    Susan H. Avatar
    Susan H.

    Alisa is so wonderful with our dogs. She not only works effectively with our dog, she also works effectively balancing... read more

    Rachel B. Avatar
    Rachel B.

    Just started training with YSD! Alisa was so informative and gave great tips and tricks for my sweet pup! If... read more

    Sydney B. Avatar
    Sydney B.

    Alisa is absolutely wonderful! I was skeptical of virtual training at first, but even after our first lesson I was... read more

    Danielle A. Avatar
    Danielle A.
  • Ozzie is a 3 y/o/ Australian Shepard with Cockerspaniel mix. The individual training with Ozzie was just as easy as... read more

    Harvey G. Avatar
    Harvey G.

    Alisa has been fantastic! We started off with her puppy socialization class right before the COVID19 pandemic. My shy pup... read more

    Sam N. Avatar
    Sam N.

    Alisa is fabulous! We're attending her puppy classes and it's really helped bring Buoy out of his shell. Highly recommend!

    Samantha N. Avatar
    Samantha N.

    Alisa is nothing short of amazing! I have a 2 year old Chihuahua mix that wouldn't listen to a... read more

    Britney V. Avatar
    Britney V.

    Alisa is so great with our sweet dog! He is becoming a real gentleman. I would recommend you to anyone,... read more

    Tina H. Avatar
    Tina H.

    We had an amazing experience with Alisa! She is such a sweet person and she was very patient with me... read more

    Ale L. Avatar
    Ale L.
  • You Silly Dog and Alisa's training have been SO helpful in training my 7 month old Bernese Mountain Dog. We... read more

    Anna G. Avatar
    Anna G.

    Alisa was highly recommended and we saw why! Our 5 month old pup was super responsive and happy to work... read more

    Paul O. Avatar
    Paul O.

    Alisa is amazing! We just finished her basic skills class and in 6 weeks we have a different dog. Our... read more

    Betsy D. Avatar
    Betsy D.

    Alisa was terrific - she was a natural with our dog, and taught us a ton in a very short... read more

    G. C. Avatar
    G. C.

    Alisa is a fantastic trainer and has helped my dog be a very good boy without too much fuss. ... read more

    Esther R. Avatar
    Esther R.

    You Silly Dog (Alisa) is fantastic. She was recommended by a friend. She gave us some really good training... read more

    Christina Z. Avatar
    Christina Z.
  • Alisa is incredible! My French bulldog puppy and I met with her yesterday for the first time, she was nothing... read more

    Maureen H. Avatar
    Maureen H.

    Alisa is amazing! After having done a puppy socialization class elsewhere, I went to YSD for general obedience. I have... read more

    Stephanie B. Avatar
    Stephanie B.

    Alisa was great with our rescued high energy easily distracted puppy. A huge help.

    Robert H. Avatar
    Robert H.

    Alisa is great! I've taken all her classes and she's very knowledgeable. She's able to break down any skill into... read more

    Colleen M. Avatar
    Colleen M.

    My clownish and playful young dog and I had a pretty dreadful time with another dog training club, and I... read more

    Jayze V. Avatar
    Jayze V.

    Our pit has responded so well to Alisa’s positive reinforcement training. He gets very excited by other dogs and has... read more

    Cara L. Avatar
    Cara L.
  • I just completed Alisa's puppy basics class with my puppy and I am so happy we took her class. ... read more

    Steph S. Avatar
    Steph S.

    Alisa made a huge difference for me and my large pitbull mix puppy, she was so patient through her obnoxious... read more

    Hannah P. Avatar
    Hannah P.

    Alisa is the absolute best! She is very patient and encouraging. She made sure we checked in with her and... read more

    Janice R. Avatar
    Janice R.

    We just finished the 6 week Basic Skills course with Alisa and we are so glad we did. Alisa is... read more

    Meagan H. Avatar
    Meagan H.

    I was recommended to Alisa through a friend. My parents got two rescues and did her basic training class. One... read more

    Kathryn G. Avatar
    Kathryn G.

    When we adopted our 75 lb retriever/pit mix he was just over a year old and we knew we wanted... read more

    Catherine K. Avatar
    Catherine K.
  • She's done wonders with our rescue Travis! Always arrives on time and checks in between sessions.

    Seth B. Avatar
    Seth B.

    Alisa is a great and wonderfully patient teacher. Tucker has attended puppy class and now Basic Skills. Both owners and... read more

    June C. Avatar
    June C.

    We enrolled concurrently in Alisa's 4-week puppy class and the bundle of 4 in-home private training sessions. I think her... read more

    Nan P. Avatar
    Nan P.

    Alisa is wonderful! I would highly recommend working with her.

    Christina B. Avatar
    Christina B.

    We enrolled concurrently in Alisa's 4-week puppy class and the bundle of 4 in-home private training sessions. I think her... read more

    Nan P. Avatar
    Nan P.

    Taraji (my dog) would go nuts every time we got ready to go to class! He really had a... read more

    Clifford S. Avatar
    Clifford S.
  • Duke had such a wonderful experience with Alisa. It's obvious how much she loves dogs. Plus, so many of her... read more

    Naisha V. Avatar
    Naisha V.

    We rescued a 5 month old pit/lab mix who had a few minor behavioral issues and one major one! He... read more

    Chelsea B. Avatar
    Chelsea B.

    Alisa was amazing! I am fostering for a rescue and she worked wonders with our very timid foster dog. She... read more

    Amy S. Avatar
    Amy S.

    Alissa really helped us a lot with a session at our home and with a 6-week dog obedience class. ... read more

    Deb S. Avatar
    Deb S.

    Alisa helped both of my dogs tremendously and gave me some excellent tips on how to be a better pet... read more

    William C. Avatar
    William C.

    If I could give 10 stars I would! Alisa was a miracle worker with my strong-willed corgis and her... read more

    Julie C. Avatar
    Julie C.
  • We have had the chance to work with Alisa on a few different levels- starting off with the basic skills... read more

    Julie W. Avatar
    Julie W.

    Great place and great environment for new puppies, and the instruction for the pups is fantastic. I would like to... read more

    Randy C. Avatar
    Randy C.

    Although I have never been a client, as a fellow trainer I am very familiar with Alisa's work. She is... read more

    Kat N. Avatar
    Kat N.

    You Silly Dog by Alisa Peters came highly recommended by one of our neighbors, and now we're the ones who... read more

    Richard D. Avatar
    Richard D.

    We enrolled our chocolate lab puppy Riley in Alisa's "Puppy Basics" and " Basic Skills" classes. Both Alisa's methods... read more

    Josh A. Avatar
    Josh A.

    Both Alisa and asst. Christa were wonderful, really positive and skilled at what they do. We read a lot... read more

    Carol d. Avatar
    Carol d.
  • My puppy girl just loves going to class. It provides her with mental and physical stimulation. Alisa is... read more

    Gretchen S. Avatar
    Gretchen S.

    I recently finished up in-home training with Alisa from You Silly Dog and she was amazing with our puppy Beans-we... read more

    Jen H. Avatar
    Jen H.

    My 4 month old Yellow Lab was shy and afraid of the world before we brought her to You Silly... read more

    Emily S. Avatar
    Emily S.

    I recently finished up in-home training with Alisa from You Silly Dog and she was amazing with our puppy Beans-we... read more

    Jennifer H. Avatar
    Jennifer H.

    Very pleased with both classes and private sessions. Our PWD, Rio, is learning fast and having fun.

    Paul H. Avatar
    Paul H.

    5 Star in our book! Thank you for all your guidance so far, Alisa - we are better trained. 🙂

    Ken S. Avatar
    Ken S.