Dog Training Services

Learn how to train your silly pooch using a gentler approach! Only motivational based training methods are used with an emphasis on positive reinforcement.


Training and behavior topics may include:

New Puppy or Rescue Dog Training

  • Housetraining (aka “potty training”)
  • Crate training
  • Dealing with the puppy “witching hour”
  • Inappropriate nipping, chewing, jumping, and more!

Basic Skills

  • Sit, Down, Come, Stay
  • Drop it, leave it
  • Leash walking
  • Go to your bed/place, and more!

Basic Manners

  • Reduce barking
  • Polite greetings/no jumping
  • Eliminate counter-surfing, jumping on furniture, or grabbing inappropriate objects, and more!


  • Shake/paw, high-five
  • Sit pretty, take a bow, crawl
  • Play dead, rollover and more!

NOTE: I am not currently working with fearful, anxious or aggressive dogs – which also includes resource guarding, separation distress and reactivity issues.

For separation anxiety, I’d highly recommend a SAPro such as Dog Crazy Lady and My Fantastic Friend.

For moderate to severe behavioral issues including fear, anxiety and aggression, I would advise seeking counsel from a veterinary behaviorist, especially to rule out any underlying medical issues that could be exacerbating your dog’s behavior issues. Your dog may also need medication in conjunction with behavior modification.

Homeschooling (In-Person) Dog Training Lessons

Stay at home and You Silly Dog will come to you!

  • In-person training with your own dog(s) customized for your specific needs. There’s no set curriculum – we cover only what you and your family need to make life with your dog easier. Expect discussion topics and hands-on exercises.
  • Practice with real-world distractions in your own home, yard and neighborhood.
  • After your lesson, you will receive handouts and other reference materials, if applicable. You will also receive puppy “tech support” between our lessons if you sign up for the 4-hour training package.

Service Areas

Anne Arundel County, Maryland:
Arnold, Curtis Bay, Gibson Island, Glen Burnie, Millersville, Pasadena, Riviera Beach, Severn, and Severna Park


* if applicable, any tolls and parking will need to be reimbursed.

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