Dog Training with You Silly Dog

Dogs are silly, lovable characters who come into our homes without knowing our silly, human imposed rules.

You Silly Dog can help you:

  • Reduce frustration and embarrassment about your dog’s behavior.
  • Be proactive rather than reactive to your dog’s behavior.
  • Utilize compassionate, effective, pain and force-free training methods.
  • Show your four-legged friend respect and meet them at their level.
  • Enjoy a well-behaved dog who still has a silly, charming and unique personality!

Dog Training Services

You Silly Dog provides customized, individual, in-home training lessons in Anne Arundel county Maryland.

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Training and Behavior Topics

  • New Puppy/Rescue Dog Training
  • Basic Skills
  • Basic Manners
  • Tricks
  • Mild to Moderate Behavioral Issues

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What You Silly Dog Customers Have to Say…

“You Silly Dog (Alisa) is fantastic. She was recommended by a friend. She gave us some really good training tips for our puppy. She was very patient with our puppy and with us.  She had a home schooling option that worked great for our family and our schedule. I was amazed at how fast our puppy caught on to the training by Alisa. Our puppy LOVED Alisa, she could not get enough of her. I would highly recommend You Silly Dog and Alisa!”

Christina Z.

“Alisa is nothing short of amazing!  I have a 2 year old Chihuahua mix that wouldn’t listen to a word I said. Within 2 weeks of working with Alisa not only was he listening but was following hand signals as well. She was not only amazing with my dog but I felt so comfortable having her in my home once a week. And the price… unbeatable. She contacted me once a week to discuss progress/concerns which was unexpected but very appreciated.  I would recommend Alisa and You Silly Dog 100 times over!”

Britney V.

The Benefits of Dog Training

Bonding and Relationship

Training is a great opportunity to spend quality time with your dog. Your dog will enjoy learning new behaviors, and earning praise and rewards. You will delight in seeing your dog think, learn and have light bulb moments. Training will help you communicate with your dog and have him learn his place in the family. As you would with a human child, you will establish boundaries and guidelines and a system for rewards and gentle consequences (such as timeouts) for behavior. When you are consistent and reliable and show your dog what he needs to do through force-free, positive training, your dog will feel confident, happy, loved and safe.


It’s important that your dog knows the rules for his own safety. He should sit and wait rather than running out the front door or come when called when he’s about to run in the street. He should also know how to drop or leave inappropriate and hazardous items that he could swallow. Give your dog the knowledge and skills he needs to remain safe.

Good Manners

Training will help teach your dog good manners and improve his impulse control. Does your dog like to pull on leash to greet dogs and people? Does your dog like to greet people paws first? Does he bark when he wants your attention? Teach him that the fastest way to get what he wants is to do what you want—such as walking nicely on leash, keeping four paws on the floor, sitting and waiting his turn, waiting for permission to greet a dog or person, and quietly and politely letting you know he wants attention.

Enrichment/Mental Stimulation

Give your dog daily opportunities to release his excess energy through mental activity. Would you get bored after a while if every day of your life you just ate and slept? Well, your dog does too! Enrichment activities, which includes training, will help your dog enjoy life and prevent behavioral problems before they start. Training will keep his mind active and engaged. Trick training is also a fun, light-hearted way to spend time together and to teach your dog a new behavior.