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What her "mother" had to say about Private Lessons: "We thank you for a stress-free way of helping us with Eĺlie. It is a joy to see her play and not be afraid of toys. She is full of love and deserves to be healthy and happy. She is getting a fresh start without so much anxiety. We love and appreciate how much you care about each pet to design and plan unique lessons, and in our home."


What his "mother" had to say about Basic Skills & Polite Greetings: "Your insight and guidance is terrific and has helped us immensely with working with Tyler. Looking back several months, I am astounded at the progress he has made! While not yet close to perfect, he is much farther along than I first thought possible. Thanks again for an 'over the top' class! You excel at what you do - I have never met anyone as passionate about dog training, and passion aside, so intently interested in each dog's progress and well-being. All 3 of us were impressed!!!"


What his "parents" had to say about Basic Skills & Private Lessons: "Alisa loves dogs and it really shows through her interactions and training with them. The [Basic Skills] class was fun, easy and completely met our expectations. Later, we did some one-on-one training with Alisa to address Wilson’s reactivity to other dogs. Through all of these sessions we learned so much about how to understand our dog, how to communicate with him, how to train him through positive reinforcement and how to keep him safe. Because of Alisa and You Silly Dog, we have reached a very happy and fulfilling relationship with Wilson. Alisa is extremely talented and highly organized and communicative. We would recommend her services to anyone. We deeply appreciate her commitment to dogs and their families."


What her "mother" had to say about Puppy Basics & Basic Skills: "We rescued Piper when she was three months old. She loved [people] but was extremely terrified of other dogs. Piper enrolled in the puppy basics class where she learned her basic behavioral skills and how to safely play and interact with other puppies. We (as well as our friends, family, neighbors, and most importantly – her trainer) were so impressed by her progress. I highly recommend You Silly Dog training. Alisa and her team put an incredible amount of love, care and attention into each dog they train. [Piper] is overcoming her fears of other dogs and listening to our instructions – all thanks to a lot of hard work & You Silly Dog!"


What her "mother" had to say about Private Lessons & Polite Greetings: "I contacted Alisa because my dog was recently attacked by another dog and became terrified of all dogs. I had a private lesson with Alisa whose warm personality and knowledge of dog behavior helped my dog and I learn how to get his confidence back. We attended Polite Greetings which did wonders. He's now better than even before his attack! I'm so grateful to Alisa for giving me my dog back. You can tell how much she loves dogs and it translates into the training. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone."


What her "mother" had to say about Puppy Basics & Polite Greetings: "Thank you so much for your training and guidance! Maisie LOVES coming to her classes. It provides her with the mental and physical stimulation she needs to help her be a good canine citizen! Your tips and tricks are invaluable and we practice constantly. She has her moments of stubbornness, but don’t we all. I look forward to taking more classes so Maisie and I can continue to grow!"


What his "mother" had to say about Private Lessons: "I recently finished up in-home training with Alisa and she was amazing with our puppy Beans-we were able to see results within the first session! Alisa is positive, extremely knowledgeable and so very patient! She makes herself available in between sessions for additional support and checked in with us on a regular basis. Because of her training and tips we have a happy, well-mannered dog! I cannot say enough good things about Alisa and I highly recommend her to any dog owner! It’s clear why she won Best in Baltimore."


What her "parents" had to say about the Basic Skills class: "[We] have truly enjoyed your class. I never imagined that Lola would be able to learn so much so fast! Lola's behavior has improved tremendously both in terms of following commands like those we practice in class as well as general 'in-house' behaviors such as the counter hopping. She is a different dog than she was 2 months ago when she arrived at our house. Thanks so much for everything during the course.  It's been incredibly helpful!"


What his "mother" had to say about Private Lessons: "My 9 year old Pomeranian, KC, has never had formal training and within the past year I've noticed some changes in him. We have moved twice, and he has had a bladder stone surgery and a slipped disc in his back. He became increasingly guarded and was now ruling the household. I contacted Alisa to come help train him. I was skeptical at first thinking, 'You can't teach an old dog new tricks,' but she definitely proved me wrong. He picked it up right away and has stopped guarding and snipping at people. Our training continues but the future seems bright. I am very happy with Alisa and her training skills."


What her parents had to say about Private Lessons and group classes: "Alisa does much more than help you 'train' your dog. She is actually helping us understand how dogs and puppies think, and giving us the tools and insight to help our energetic, curious PWD puppy be the best puppy she can be!"

Marcy and Lucy

What their parents had to say about Private Lessons and group classes: "Alisa's 'Polite Greetings' class helped Marcy realize she gets to meet more dogs if she behaves nicely. Both Lucy and Marcy have attended many of Alisa's formal training classes as well as Doggie Socials. Alisa is a great classroom manager, and reminds all of us owners how to safely let our dogs romp. The positive training system has worked beautifully for both our dogs. Perhaps my favorite element of Alisa's training is that dogs can keep their unique personalities even as they behave nicely. Finding the thing - treats, praise, toys - that motivates your dog really helps them be successful. Our dogs are silly, happy girls comfortable being who they are. And we love them!"


What her "mother" had to say about the group training classes: "Alisa at You Silly Dog offers an array of fun and engaging classes that help you and your dog quickly establish a positive, well-mannered space. Thanks to Alisa’s classes (Puppy Basics, Basic Skills, Loose Leash Walking, and Polite Greetings), our pup, Pippa, is developing into a well-mannered dog. In all her classes, Alisa provides you with opportunities to appropriately socialize your dog to other dogs and people; insights in what may be shaping negative behaviors and how to provide your dog with an environment where s/he is set up for success. You won’t find a more patient and insightful trainer who will set both you and your dog for success."


What her "mother" had to say about the Polite Greetings class: "I have to share with you how GOOD Raven was this year during the holidays! We even took her to see Santa and no one could figure out why she was just laying on the floor in front of Santa! I realized later that she was giving him a polite greeting!!!! She was great with the other dogs and all the people in the store as well! She was wonderful and didn't jump on anyone (young or old) as they came in our house during Thanksgiving and Christmas parties that we hosted. She was very polite and sweet! I just wanted to let you know how well she did during the holiday season and that this class is a great one to teach!"


What her "mother" had to say about group training classes: "Alisa (You Silly Dog trainer extraordinaire) was incredibly helpful as I brought home my puppy, Maggie. I had read lots of books on positive dog training, but was feeling overwhelmed with the reality of my first puppy. We did the Puppy Basics, and then the Basic Skills and Beyond Basics classes. Each class built on the next, using positive training and teaching the dogs to make good decisions on their own. It's such a wonderful feeling to have people meet Maggie and say she is one of the best-behaved dogs, especially for a puppy, that they have ever met! Thanks Alisa, your classes have helped tremendously and we look forward to taking some more advanced and fun classes in the future."


What her "mother" had to say about the Basic Skills class: "Cedar recently finished Basic Training with You Silly Dog. Cedar is very shy, and Alisa once more impressed us with how knowledgeable and understanding she is. Cedar did great in the class. Alisa has organized the classes so that each new skill builds upon another, all done in a positive manner. The class notes are e-mailed after each class, which is helpful in doing homework, and Alisa is quite good at answering questions and addressing concerns."


What her "parents" had to say about group training classes: "My 4 month old Yellow Lab was shy and afraid of the world before we brought her to You Silly Dog. Alisa was so patient with her and even encouraged her to socialize with the smaller dogs where she felt more comfortable during our Basics class. Within weeks, she was playing and enjoying her time with dogs big and small and learned her basic skills along the way. Alisa helped us instill behavior skills and confidence in our pup and taught us how to continue rewarding good behavior through positive reinforcement. We attended Basics, Beyond Basis, and Tricks and Games with Alisa at You Silly Dog and recommend her to every dog owner we meet."


What her "parents" had to say about Private Lessons: "Alisa was incredible! Carmen learned so much in the time that Alisa worked with her.  Not only did Carmen learn, but as first time dog owners Alisa helped us to better understand dog behavior and to learn how to work with Carmen in a way she would understand.  After having our lessons I feel confident working with Carmen.  Each class Alisa offered helpful tips and new insight. If you are in need of training Alisa is the person to see."


What her "parents" had to say about Private Lessons: "The training was absolutely perfect [and Alisa's] manner working with dogs is incredible. Alisa covered everything we requested plus much more. With all the great tips [she] gave us, our puppy's behavior has definitely improved. Seeing the results the training had on our puppy, I would most definitely recommend the training sessions."


What his "parents" had to say about Private Lessons: "[We] wanted to sincerely thank you for your compassion and guidance as our dog transitioned to life with our newborn baby. Tyson has always been such a gentle dog and is a loving part of our family. It was such a shock to us when he showed frustration in sharing the house with Margaux. Your support and gentle approach proved calming to Tyson (and us) - when he sniffed her lovingly with you present - it was a moment I will certainly not forget! Thank you for teaching us how to train him in a respectful and loving way. We were so afraid we would have to give him up - but you proved us wrong and we are so happy!"

Emma & Lorella

What her "parents" had to say about Private Lessons: "We could not have been more pleased with our private lesson experience with Alisa! She is extremely knowledgable and has a natural ability to understand dog-behavior...not to mention the fact that our Pug-girls, Emma Lee (10 months) and Lorella Mae (2 years), simply adore her! She is a consummate professional, checking in between classes to see how we are progressing, and it was great being able to tailor each session toward the specific goals we wanted to reach. Thank you so very much, and we'll be seeing you soon at a social!"


What her "parents" had to say about the Beyond Basics class: "[The class] was everything we expected and more. We liked the small class size and the ability to adapt to what the owners wanted to specifically address. The curriculum and the way it is conducted is ideal already [and] the individual attention is why we attended Beyond Basics after completed the Basic Course. It's friendly fun training with real results."


What her "mother" had to say about the Basic Skills class: "I really liked how each lesson changed from week-to-week, felt the new skills we learned built upon ones from previous weeks. Alisa was a great instructor! Very patient and worked with each dog individually during the class to show the 'parents' how we could do the skills better with our dogs. Zoe really learned a lot. Several of our friends and family noticed how much better she listens now and that is exactly what we were hoping for! She is MUCH more well-behaved and we are so happy!"


What her "mother" had to say about the Basic Skills class: "Alisa was very knowledgeable and kind. She was very organized and followed with written notes after each class. She did a great job spending time with all of the dogs. I thought the small class size was perfect. Carter really enjoyed the class and [we] learned new techniques / approaches."


What her "mother" had to say about the Basic Skills class: "Alisa has a way of bringing training tips into perspective and the time spent in our class could not have been used better. Multiple times during class I had an “ah-ha” moment where we learned something that I never would have thought of. It was great to have someone to guide the instruction and help with technique. Great tips to work with outside of the classroom and the great part is that Alisa always made herself available outside of class via phone or email."


What her "mother" had to say about Private Lessons: "We needed very personalized training to deal with our new (rescue) dog's fear of everything unknown. You provided us with a toolkit to help remedy these issues. Your techniques worked to calm her and bring her out of her shell. It was a joy to work with a person who relates exceptionally well to both dogs and people! You always seem to know just what to do for any dog-related problem."


What his "mother" had to say about the Puppy Basics class: "I would recommend it to anyone with a puppy under 16 weeks.  I think the challenge of living in the city with a young puppy is that there is limited opportunity for socialization/exercise other than walks.  The class provided Sully a safe environment to interact with other puppies. Also, I have read books about 'basic training' but actually seeing you implement the training helped us train at home. The clicker technique has demonstrated to be effective, and as a result I would consider Sully fully capable of sitting, sit and stay (in general, for meals, squirrels), paw, lie-down."


What her "mother" had to say about the Puppy Basics class: "Thanks for another great class. We've learned so much in both Puppy Basics and Basic Skills and we're now equipped with solid techniques that will help us be better dog parents. Your classes are both educational and fun, and you're such a patient, calm, reassuring instructor."


What his "mother" had to say about the Basic Skills class: "I appreciate the love and respect you show the dogs. Class was quite enjoyable, and I was learning almost as much as Basil. [I like] your upbeat attitude and enthusiasm, your wide-ranging knowledge of dogs and dog behavior. I [also] really like 'Ooops!' as a correction, and he does seem to pay more attention to that sound then to 'no.'"


What his "mother" had to say about Private Lessons: "Your private lessons were just what our "pound" puppy needed. Guinness was passed from BARCs to the MDSPCA and we were the lucky adoptive parents who had the love to bring home the 5 month old bundle of energy but we found his puppy charm undermined by his lack of manners. You helped us turn a challenging charmer into a true family member. Your gentle, clicker training methods helped us overcome his stubborn side. He no longer nips and he seldom jumps. Hand targeting has been a success. He comes when called."


What his "mother" had to say about Private Lessons: "When we first got Cooper he would bark and snarl at every passing person, bike and stroller -- not to mention every other dog he saw on a leash. Since working with Alisa and coming to the doggie socials, Cooper has calmed down considerably, to the point where we can walk him to school in the morning, which would have been unheard-of six months ago. Thank you Alisa and You Silly Dog!!"


What his "mother" had to say about the Basic Skills class: "We learned a lot and the methods worked well. [Alisa] always had creative solutions for new approaches if we were having trouble. She is very knowledgeable, organized, and helpful. She is always accessible even outside of class so we were always able to ask questions and get help when it was needed."


What her "mother" had to say about YSD's training classes: "I just wanted to thank you for all that you've done for Izzy and me! You've given us the tools to help me be a great dog mom and her to be a well behaved, loving dog. You are truly great at what you do and I'm proud to tell everyone about you and You Silly Dog. Thanks again for everything."


This is what Manola had to say: "Alisa, I wanted to let you know that Kristen took me today for my Pets on Wheels test and I passed! I'm looking very forward to my new job as a therapy dog and I hope I can bring joy and comfort to a lot of people. I really want to thank you for working with me since I was a lil' puppy and for teaching Kristen and Joe how to continue with my training. This is a very happy day for me and Kristen and Joe and I wouldn't have been able to do it without ya. Licks, Manola"


What his "mother" had to say about the Basic Skills class: "Because of the individual attention we discovered that my dog, Bacon, is deaf. Alisa was more than happy to problem-solve ways to adapt the training to Bacon’s needs. And whenever we had specific questions, they were always addressed. Bacon will always have problems because of his disability; however we have seen a dramatic change. Not only can we impress our friends with a few tricks but he has also come to respect me more and I feel that we have strengthened the owner/pet relationship."


What his "mother" had to say about Private Lessons: "It is much easier to walk Otto now. He still has some issues with other dogs, but in five training sessions, he certainly has come a long way. They say, 'You can’t teach an old dog new tricks,' but I now know that is not true. Thanks for your help, Alisa!"


What his "mother" had to say about the Basic Skills class: "I could not have been more pleased with this class. It has improved Biscuits's behavior in all areas and we are able to enjoy our time together so much more now. Alisa really understands and loves dogs and I appreciated that she spent extra time answering all my random questions. We plan to enroll in the full series of classes going forward!"


What her "mother" had to say about the Basic Manners class: "I liked the positive nature of the training, and the interaction between the other dogs and owners. I also liked the way any family member was welcomed and encouraged to participate. I was never made to feel guilty if I hadn’t practiced as much as I should have. The very open environment helps everyone to learn easier."


What her "parents" had to say about the Beyond Basics class: "I think the class exceeded our expectations. The activities were fun for Angel, and were easy to teach her. It was also helpful to practice the off leash activities around the other dogs and to see her reactions. It was also a bonding time with Angel; it was obvious she really liked the chance to be off leash and it is always nice to reward her for good behavior. It was nice to be able to take Angel on a weekend away to a dog friendly place, and to have her stay by us and not attempt to run away. It’s nice to be able to give her a little freedom, which she obviously likes. It is also good to know that she does respond to us when she is called."


What his "mother" had to say about the Puppy Basics class: "The training was actually more than I expected! I anticipated that a puppy class would have been mostly socialization and that would have been great by me. However, the training basics not only taught Owen important skills, but taught me how to teach him - skills that I’ll be able to use extensively in the future.[You] did a great job of not only running the class but ensuring time was spent with each puppy and owner, addressing each pair's unique challenges. I [also] really enjoyed watching my puppy play with the other puppies. It was definitely his happiest time of the week!


What her "mother" had to say about the Basic Skills class: "As a rescue, Rosie came to me with 8 years of bad habits, with your coaching & attention, you taught us both that even an old dog can forget bad habits & learn new tricks. [The training] does make life easier for both of us. It gives Rosie more attention & awareness about boundaries. As more praise is given, her self-esteem is improving resulting in a happier, confident, well-behaved girl. Your knowledge, your commitment & your passion for the work you do in the world makes for a grounded learning experience. This class is for anyone with a dog who needs a little help to get along better with dogs and humans. Thank you for the gift you are….. it was a pleasure being in your class, Rosie sends a tail wag !


What his "mother" had to say about the Basic Skills class: "I loved Alisa’s patience & positive attitude. I also appreciated that she recognized & handled my dog’s special needs with care – giving him both the space & attention he needed. Echo is friendly with people but nervous around other dogs, & she was able to recommend books as well as help him be introduced to the other dogs on a one-on-one basis with positive reinforcement. This helped him succeed during class. I’ve had other people recommend other methods, including choke collars or Cesar Milan’s methods, & I will be happy to report to them that you don’t need that kind of negative training to achieve results with your dog! Clicker training is wonderful! It is not an overnight method but requires you & your dog to form a relationship that is constantly being reinvigorated. Echo is not afraid of me but he does respect & love me. And as he masters these skills, he can already perform them without needing an edible treat each time."


What his "mother" had to say about the Basic Skills class: "[The class] was better than I expected. I tried the dog training classes at the community center and was horrified by the class size and the techniques/applications they were trying to teach. I was recommended to You Silly Dog through an accredited website that encouraged behavior modification through positive reinforcement. As I attended the first class I was amazed that there were going to be less than 10 dogs in the class and was hopeful at the descriptions of the techniques used in class. I liked the individual attention that was given. I felt as though there was a vested interest to ensure that Coal was getting the training he needed and my form and tactics were getting the correction when needed. We both benefited."


What her "mother" had to say about Private Lessons: "You were professional, thoughtful and extremely knowledgeable. I can’t believe how we learned and how valuable the experience was for the entire family. My biggest take away actually occurred during my first call to find out about your services. I immediately felt like we were in good hands when you explained Daisy’s behavior from her perspective. I also learned different options – if one doesn’t work try another. That type of insight comes from practical, tried and true experience."


What her "mother" had to say about the Basic Skills class: "I liked that the classes were small so that we got a lot of attention/help from the trainer. I also liked that it was positive reinforcement training. I am a visual learner so I also liked that we were shown how to teach a command to our dog first & then we were able to work with our dog. Another thing I enjoyed learning about was the theory and knowledge that the trainer provided to us. Gwen now uses a “kibble nibble” to eat/work for her food and LOVES IT! In fact she’d rather not eat out of her food bowl anymore. She loves to work for her food. At one point, my dog wasn’t playing well with the other dogs in the class so instead of letting me leave when it was “playtime” she encouraged me to teach Gwen to play well with the other dogs and helped me through that. I would have just avoided the situation; instead the trainer helped me step out of my comfort zone and guided me in a way that helped both me and my dog."


What her "mother" had to say about the Puppy Basics class: "[The class] was very appropriate for a new puppy. More than anything, I learned how to watch for appropriate socialization, as well as the importance of exposing my puppy to new people, places and dogs in a safe, positive context. I learned how to think like my puppy! Instead of becoming frustrated with undesirable behaviors, I’ve started asking myself ‘how could I be inadvertently rewarding this behavior?’ It’s made a big difference in our communication. [Olive's] learned so much, and she’s listening much better. She actually thinks training is a game!"


What his "father" had to say about the Puppy Basics class: "Gus is my first dog, so I wasn't entirely sure what to expect. Nonetheless, even I could tell the training was great. Gus came into the class snarling and snapping at the other puppies when he either felt play go too rough or he got too excited. I might've otherwise thought it was a good thing that he would stand up for himself, but it wasn't. Luckily we came to class. It was amazing how simple but effective the training was. By the end of the first class, Gus was perfectly behaved and happy when playing with the other dogs. I thought the opportunity for socialization was the best aspect of the course, although the training techniques are becoming equally important now Gus is getting a little older. But, for a little pup, building confidence and good associations with free play and pass the puppy were invaluable."


What his "mother" had to say about the Basic Skills class: "[The class was] very interactive and the class size was small enough that I never felt like I was just one of the crowd. We each received individual attention throughout the course. I appreciate the email availability for mid week questions. It was a great beginner’s class. I never felt talked down to and it helped me understand how to better communicate with my dog."


What his "parents" had to say about the Basic Skills class: "Ralph & I looked forward to attending more than GUMBO did! Your professionalism and the obvious love & joy you have for what you do is contagious. It was absolutely amazing how much was taught and learned in one hour. [We enjoyed] the camaraderie between the pet owners and the pets. The laughter and fun…everyone appeared to be enjoying themselves. GUMBO and all his other Silly Dog friends really bonded well. Ralph & I were most impressed with your knowledge of dogs and how you shared that knowledge to help us better understand our pets and how very special they are."


What her "parents" had to say about the Basic Skills class: "The trainer was very knowledgeable and we appreciated her positive philosophy. It was helpful when we had specific feedback on what we were doing well or needed to correct in our own behavior :). Snoop also loved the free play time at the end of each class. Its neat to see her (and us) applying the skills practiced in your sessions. You'd be happy to hear that the other day Snoop got out of our garage and started a b-line out into the neighborhood and we said, "Snoooooop, COME" and she did! She got lots of praise of course. Thank you very much!"


What her "mother" had to say about the Basic Skills class: "[The class] was better than expected, easy pace, not overwhelming for me or the dog, gentle... very basic natural progression for learning/teaching. I know [Bella] didn't perform always in class but you were so nice about it and gave tips on how to get the behavior."


What his "mother" had to say about the Basic Skills class: "I really like the way you were so encouraging to both Gandhi and me. As you know, I had a lot of reservations about Gandhi's ability to learn due to his former environment. I feel a lot better about his future thanks to all your help."


What his "father" had to say about Private Lessons: "I know what I wanted Barry to do, but I liked being shown when to reward for behavior and when to ignore him. I also liked the tips on mental stimulation to help burn some energy. As a person who learns through hands on training, it really helped to see someone do the proper training in person."


What his "mother" had to say about the Basic Skills class: "[The class] was exactly what I expected and wanted out of a dog training class. I liked that Alisa walked around and worked one-on-one with each dog. It was nice to be in a class but also get individual attention. Alisa shared her skill with each dog fairly and also shared common problems/solutions with the class. It was great to have a Tuesday date night with Mr. Floyd."


What his "parents" had to say about the Basic Skills class: "Trainer was knowledgeable, encouraging, enthusiastic. The class size is small enough for individual attention, but [there was] also an opportunity to socialize with other dogs."


What her "parents" had to say about the Basic Skills class: "[This was] perfect for Dharma's first class. We especially found your enthusiasm and patience with Dharma to be very positive."


What his "mother" had to say about the Private Lessons: "Alisa was efficient with our time, great with Patterson, professional and persistent! :) [Patterson] loves his bed now, he is more relaxed, has engaging toys and is responding to drills. Well worth the money - you helped us get started and problem solve with lots of training tips, ideas and ways to fuel our dog's energy."

Klaus, Guinness and Tango

What their "mother" had to say about the Private Lessons: "Alisa has helped restore harmony among our two older dogs and puppy. I wasn't sure about the clicker methodology - but all of the dogs responded so quickly and well to it that I would recommend it highly. Alisa has an uncanny knack with dogs - and their owners - to help accomplish training goals in a fun and memorable way."


What his "mother" had to say about Puppy Basics: "[I'm] glad we learned how to use the clicker to train. We have found it to be very effective. [We enjoyed] being able to ask questions and devote an hour of uninterrupted time to the puppy. [The class] is a good way to learn tips/tricks and get acclimated to what is normal puppy behavior."


What her "mother" had to say about the Basic Skills class: "[I enjoyed] Alisa's patience and energy. Other trainers I've used have berated dogs and owners but she's terrific with both."


What her "mother" had to say about the Tricks & Games class: "The training exceeded my expectations. I love the gentle way Alisa works with dog and their 'persons.' She is very patient [and] makes everyone feel 'special' and divides her attention equally. We had great fun and the T&G class helped increase the bond between Luna and me."


What her "parents" had to say about the Basic Manners class: "We were a mess the first few days and Alisa came to our rescue and helped us out. We're all much calmer now."


What his "parents" had to say about the Basic Skills class: "We had taken the previous class and it too was excellent. [We enjoyed] lots of individual work, good practical suggestions for training. Anyone interested in learning the basics would benefit from this class."


What his "mother" had to say about the Basic Skills class: "[I enjoyed] the positive training techniques and opportunity for doggie socials. It was a great class for teaching me how to make training a fun, positive experience for my dog."


What her "parents" had to say about the Basic Skills class: "The approach of rewarding, not yelling or saying 'no' for correction was a great way to get [Manola] to learn. She listens to both of us very attentively, our walks are much more pleasant and she adapts to new environments better. Plus, Kristin and I had fun doing this as well!"


What her "parents" had to say about Private Lessons: "As people friendly as it is dog friendly! Even if you have previously trained your own pets, there is still alot more you can learn."


What her "father" had to say about the Basic Skills and Basic Manners classes: "[The class] was very well managed and I liked being able to connect with my new dog. Before this class our dog would not even sit. [The class] was great as it was and all aspects we were worried about were covered."


What his "grandmother" had to say about the Basic Skills class: "I did not know what to expect - I learned with the puppy! I had no idea that dogs could be taught so easily - of course only as good as the trainer! Thanks - I learned alot too!"


What her "mother" had to say about the Basic Skills class: "I love Alisa's methods, positive interaction with the owners & dogs and the helpful and kind suggestions & advice given by Alisa to assist me to show Gracie. This class was fun, and informative. We accomplished our goals."

Sasha & Izzy

What their "mother" had to say about the Private Lessons: "The clicker training was new to me and I feel like I learned as much as my dogs did! I liked that the training was all positive praising, [and using a] happy tone of voice. I like that I no longer raise my voice. Thanks Alisa, you are wonderful with my dogs - I only wish I could have you every day for a month and they would be perfect!"


What his "parents" had to say about the Private Lessons: "Before we enlisted the help of You Silly Dog, we were on the verge of sending Max back to the shelter. He was out of control & destructive. With Alisa's help, we were able to better understand Max's behavior & learn how to teach him manners through positive reinforcement. Max is like a completely different dog now & is doing so well with his training. The pep talks Alisa gave to [us] were also very encouraging! And as a bonus, Max absolutely loved Alisa! After training was over, he would sit by the door & look very sad. Max is here to stay now - thanks Alisa!"

Basil & Pocket

What their "parents" had to say about the Private Lessons: "We had a great time and believe we learned alot. [We] like how the personal classes were catered to our needs. [We] thought [the training] was helpful and shows that with time and dedication, you can really train your dogs."


What her "mother" had to say about the Basic Skills class: "Lily exceeded my expectations. She has alot to learn but I have a great foundation to start her with. I loved it when we started to see progress (you see the results the first week) and off-leash playtime. Lily is becoming less shy and scared. I think this was a great basics course."


What his "mother" had to say about the Basic Skills class: "I felt [the training] really helped us, and he learned things that I never thought he would. [I liked] the individualized attention that me and my dog received and it was a great price for everything he learned. It was a great experience for Milo, he learned alot."


What his "parents" had to say about the Basic Skills and Basic Manners classes: "You were wonderful! [The training] was more than we expected. [We have noticed] a world of difference - we can live with Buster now."


What his "mother" had to say about the Tricks & Games class: "By the way...little did I know when I signed him up for Tricks and Games that the behaviors he learned are also used as warm up exercises in his Agility classes. We had our second class last night, and they were very impressed with his Ta Da! They thought it was cute that I use Ta Da! instead of bow. Also, the games we played with the hoops and tunnels really helped Parker, too. So, the timing of the Tricks and Games class was perfect. Not only did it prepare his body to be more agile, but it also built his confidence to take on those intimidating obstacles. Thanks!"


What his "mother" had to say about the Tricks & Games class: "This was so much fun. Chi-Chi did learn alot but it would not have mattered. Teaching your dog tricks and playing games with them is such a great bonding experience. It's nice to have an hour of dedicated time to play one-on-one with your dog. Chi-Chi says "4 Paws Up"... in the air, of course!"


What her "mother" had to say about the Tricks & Games class: "[I enjoyed] the upbeat, positive environment. This was a great opportunity for us to spend time together and build on 'tricks' she already does. It's a great way to have quality time with your pet."


What his "mother" had to say about the Tricks & Games class: "[I enjoyed] the laid back approach and positive reinforcement. It was much more fun than I anticipated. Luther is more attentive with me and shows interest in learning new tricks."


What his "mother" had to say about the Basic Skills class: "[I liked] Alisa's personality and rapport with the dogs. Also loved the socialization with the other dogs and lack of harsh training methods is wonderful. The class and trainer were excellent."


What her "mother" had to say about the Basic Skills class: "Sadie's behavior has improved in the home drastically. She also listens much better. I love the use of clicker training and Alisa works with each dog/owner individually as well as in a group."

Mr. Darcy

What his "parents" had to say about the Basic Skills class: "We learned the basics and improved on skills we had been working on. [We enjoyed] the ability to interact with other dogs and also the personal attention. We thought it was alot of fun and a pleasant experience."

Darwin "Winny"

What her "mother" had to say about the Basic Skills class: "Winny is much calmer and more attentive. Darwin (and Emma) love Alisa and their classmates. Veggie dogs RULE!"


What his "father" had to say about the Basic Skills class: "[I enjoyed] the friendliness of everyone, especially Alisa. The individual attention was excellent. Even my neighbors are amazed at how well behaved Buddy is."

Zoe and Buddy

What their "mother" had to say about Private Lessons: "As we added a new puppy to our household, we were concerned about the reaction of our 5 year old dog Zoe, who is fearful and aggressive toward unfamiliar dogs. Alisa helped us with techniques to make our puppy, Buddy, the source of pleasure and treats for Zoe in 4 short private sessions. Zoe and Buddy have now become best of friends. Thanks Alisa."

What Kelly of Karma Dogs has to say about Alisa's training:

I first met Alisa when interviewing dog trainers to help train therapy dogs for my non-profit, Karma Dogs. Upon meeting her, it was clear that she understood dog behavior, what makes them tick, as well as the fastest way to get results using positive reinforcement. Alisa is always learning and attending classes and seminars to stay on top of the new trends (and if they work!) in dog training and is a certified CPDT (Certified Pet Dog Trainer), which is important to me, as it means she is dedicated to teaching dogs through positive reinforcement. Alisa also has a strong commitment to helping you with your dog."


What her "mother" had to say about the Basic Skills class: "The attentiveness and willingness of Alisa to pay extra attention to each case - in and outside of class - is worth the class."


What her "mother" had to say about the Basic Skills class: "I like that you worked with all the dogs individually and modeled the task. [I have] a better understanding of how dogs think and what works to train them - kindly.


What his "mother" had to say about Private Lessons: "I adopted my dog Jack from the Baltimore City Animal Shelter. He was a great dog from the beginning, but I was the one who really needed the training, as he is my first dog. Jack's main issue was his aggression towards other dogs. I really like Alisa's gentle methods based on food rewards, clicks, and lots of praise. Alisa has equipped me to continue to work with Jack on basic commands, and she has done a tremendous job in deconditioning him to other dogs. My confidence level is improving, and Alisa has provided the tools I need to help Jack be successful in tolerating other dogs."


What his "father" had to say about Private Lessons: "Alisa, I hope you have a wonderful new year. Kris and I are very glad to have met you. You were wonderful with the tools you gave us and we will keep you in mind for the future and recommend you to others. Keep up the good work you do, the dog community will be a happier one with you teaching."


What his "mother" had to say about the Basic Skills class: "[I liked] the clear, understandable directions, examples, constructive assistance, letting/encouraging other family members help and discussing how to do that."


What her "mother" had to say about the Basic Skills class: "[The class] was taught at a good pace for both owner and pet. I would recommend this class to others - it's well structured, reasonably priced, and [you are] a patient and knowledgeable trainer."


What his "parents" had to say about the Basic Skills & Manners classes: "[These] class[es have] given us the tools we need to help improve Bizmarck's behavior and manners. Bizmarck has shown great improvements in his walking and interaction with other dogs. We liked the mix between training and dog socialization, [as well as] the individual attention which was given to every dog and owner in class. "


What his "parents" had to say about the Basic Skills class: "We worked on the 'basics' and came away with great tools to use outside of class. Alisa is full of great tips and tools, as well as techniques for a well behaved dog. Positive reinforcement is a great way to train dogs."


What his "mother" had to say about the Basic Skills class: "The small class is great because it allows for alot of one-on-one time. I would tell anyone to take this class. It helped in Brutus' all over behavior - all of our regular company has even noticed."


What his "father" had to say about the Basic Skills class: "You weren't only training dogs, you were training the owners and giving them basic skills and understanding to carry forward. I've learned quite a bit. I really can't say enough good things about the instructor."


What her "parents" had to say about the Basic Skills class: "Kona learned many skills. We especially appreciated the loose-leash walking. Kona responds much better to our commands and behaves better with company. The class was very beneficial."


What his "parents" had to say about the Puppy Basics & Basic Skills class: "We like the personal attention and fun environment where dogs and owners can play and learn. Bentley loves it!"


What his "father" had to say about the Puppy Basics class: "The training and class that Alisa provided is Top Notch. Bauer loves attending her classes and has a ton of fun interacting with the other puppies in the class. Alisa is both a caring and very well trained dog trainer who shows extreme compassion to the puppies in the way that only a true dog lover could. Her classes are not only fulfilling for the puppy, but also for the owner. The advice she provides has helped me battle some of the hardest things that every puppy owner experiences with ease and finesse. I look forward to attending many more classes with Alisa."


What his "mother" had to say about the Basic Manners class: "[I liked] that I saw him perform what was learned during class, and the small class size was perfect for individual attention. Due to the class size, we were able to cover alot of material. Alisa is a great instructor and really understands how to communicate with the dogs and get them to listen."


What his "mother" had to say about the Basic Manners class: "[I liked the] one on one instruction, clear examples and step by step learning. Hoss is more attentive to my voice and commands. Every owner should have the opportunity to learn positive approaches to training their dogs."


What his "mother" had to say about the Basic Skills class: "[I liked the] chance to socialize, learn how to train, great positive attitude and wonderfully happy atmosphere."


What her "mother" had to say about the Basic Skills class: "We've seen major improvement in Rosie and expect to see more. [I would recommend this class to others] - classes are small, skills are relevant and trainer is great!"


What her "parents" had to say about the Basic Skills class: "The training was easy for us to master. We really love the fact that all of the training focuses on positive reinforcement; the training is fun and successful! We thought [the class] was very comprehensive for basic skills. We enjoyed this class immensely and are glad we switched from our old trainer. Class size was perfect. Sadie is coming and walking far better than she was previous to class."


What her "parents" had to say about the Basic Skills class: "We really liked Alisa's personality and her way of training animals. Nora is better on the leash and is better about coming when called. We really liked the classes and would tell others about it."


What his "parents" had to say about the Basic Skills class: "I think it's been a learning experience, being first timers. Thank you for all the advice. I think you keep an easy 'free spirit' atmosphere, which we like. We would absolutely recommend this class to others. You make it seem so easy."


What his "mother" had to say about the Basic Skills class: "[The training] was more than I expected. [We liked] the socialization, it helped both me and my dog since this is my first pet. [I've noticed improvement with my dog] - he's not so shy, he's happier, he is also very attentive."


What her "mother" had to say about the Tricks and Games class: "I loved that the teacher looked at each dog individually and developed strategies that would achieve success. [The class] was great fun for the humans and for our pets. My dog looks forward to showing off her new tricks. I would absolutely recommend this class to others. The teacher brings her experience and sense of humor to help everyone enjoy the classes!"


What her "mother" had to say about the Basic Skills class: "[The class] was different from what I did with my last dog, but worked alot better. You took time with each dog and helped out. Sophie is very hyper and you gave her more than enough attention. Sophie is very attentive now and will listen to not only Nick but me too!"


What her "mother" had to say about the Basic Skills class: "[I enjoyed] the knowledge of not only simple 'tricks,' but the tools with which to communicate and understand our dog. Alisa was very willing to help after, before, and during the class with any individual issues. She taught us how to alleviate Maggie's barking issue! Maggie listens to us much more readily now that we know how to communicate in a way that she understands. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone to learn how to work with their dog. Alisa is very good with the dogs and the people in our class."


What her "mother" had to say about the Basic Skills class: "I wasn't sure if this was what I wanted for training - I was very pleased with the training, [it] was better [than expected]. The instructions were very easy to follow and easy to relate to my dog. Mocha was given all the attention she needed plus more. [I've noticed] alot of improvement. She still has some more learning but we got the basics to continue on to improve. [The class] was very informative and very easy on my dog and she learned."


What her "mother" had to say about the Basic Skills class: "[I enjoyed] learning the more effective ways of training Gracie which really worked! [Alisa] you are very open to questions and advice giving."


What his "mother" had to say about the Basic Skills class: "The materials provided at orientation were very comprehensive and helpful while practicing at home. Each session, the objective was clearly articulated and the exercises seemed to flow from one to the next, building on each other. I think that in six weeks we covered plenty, anything added might be overwhelming."


What his "mother" had to say about the Basic Skills class: "We definitely learned all the tools necessary for all basic commands and tricks. When we practice the skills at home, he does very well - before this class [Eli] didn't know anything - now he will sit, stay, and come very well. Eli and I both learned alot!"


What his "mother" had to say about the Basic Skills class: "[The class] was very informative. Bailey learned alot of useful things and is listening to me now. [I liked] the small class size and individual attention. I don't think Bailey would have done as well in a large group."


What her "parents" had to say about the Basic Skills class: "[The class] was more than we had expected - more than just "sit" and "stay" - more a 'lifestyle' approach. [We enjoyed] learning about keeping dogs stimulated with kibble balls, etc. Also learning more about dog psychology was interesting."


What her "parents" had to say about the Puppy and Basic Skills classes: "We want to thank you very much for all the help and guidance you have provided us with in order to train Naya. All of the puppy and training classes were alot of fun and very informative. We're also very appreciative of all the helpful tips you have shared with us throughout. We will keep you updated with her progress. Thanks!"


What her "parents" had to say about the private training sessions: "[The training] met our hopes. We learned that the owner is a large part of training. Alisa's philosophy and insight of dogs is great. Alisa listened to exactly what we wanted and devoted time to all."



What his "mother" had to say about the basic skills class: "I think that it's great to be taught to work with a dog in such a positive rewarding manner. It can transfer to anything you need to teach your dog. Alisa, you are persistent and dedicated to your method of teaching, which seems to be the best approach I've come across."



What her "mother" had to say about the basic skills class: "I liked that the dogs could interact with each other and other people. Also that the class was small. I also liked how informal the class was. Some classes are so rigid for lively dogs, but this was just right. [Nova] is listening better and gaining more self control. I enjoyed the experience."